Understanding the Kitchen Faucet Functions and Features

Kitchen Faucet Functions and Features

Having your kitchen area all glam and attractive means that you need to be well conversant with features and functions of the kitchen faucet. Identifying the right kitchen faucets to have in your own kitchen can be overwhelming with the many companies and brands struggling to be at per with trendy items and ideas. Equipping yourself with enough knowledge on kitchen faucets, their functions and features allow you to properly use any product without being embarrassed.

Features and Functions of Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen Faucet Functions and FeaturesThe ability to comprehend all features of faucets makes comparing and distinguishing products a sloppy affair. Here you get to know exactly what you want. Features of a kitchen faucet are precise and a line below, you can make your kitchen shopping experience less exhaustive.

Different levers of faucets

Science comes in here. Each faucet has their own lever numbers. The lever types vary as below:

Single levered faucets

There exists a faucet with one lever, button or handle that when triggered, will allow passage of water into the spout through the plumbing system. Variations in control of water temperatures will determine if it needs a single or double hole. Some faucets have an extra base plate. This plate is for covering the additional holes.

Double levered faucets

Temperatures of these faucets are changed manually. The lever could rest on the deck plate or be integrated with the faucet. The levers are distinguishable-one for hot and the other for cold water. Three holes are needed so as to install such type of faucet.

Color and finish of the faucet

Something exquisite, classy yet stylish is what every kitchen owner would love. Stainless steel, chrome, brushed nickel, oil- rubbed bronze and polished brass are among the colors and finishes in the current market. Each company has their own color and finishing standards. Buying from the same brand is a sign of orderliness in your kitchen.

Know about the sprayer heads

Kitchen Faucet Functions and FeaturesPull-down sprayer

Its head faces downwards and is integrated into the spout. Working with it needs pulling the sprayer down into the sink from the spout. This faucet has a button for pausing or changing the water flow pattern.

Pull-out sprayer

This sprayer has a handle and is always angled to allow easy removal of the head from the spout. The sprayer allows for extension to whatever position on the sink. Some faucets have a pause button to control water patterns during cleaning or flows.

Side sprayer

Side sprayers are on the side and separately on the faucet. The head is movable to any side for convenience. This side sprayer needs its own hole in your sink.

Be aware of spout types

Standard Spout

Best for a compact kitchen. Its height is 3-5 inches above the sink. Cleaning up dishes is easy and less tiring with this spout.

High arch spout

Washing larger pots, flasks and tins can easily fit on the sink and the spout accommodates them well. Faucets with these type of spout are relevant and best in a bigger kitchen. Rising to up to 10 inches and rotating from 90 degrees to 180 degrees, washing becomes a wonderful experience.


Kicking off ignorance, you can now purchase the best kitchen faucets for your home after understanding their features and functions. Cleaning and maintaining them becomes a walk in the park.

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