The World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls to Visit

The world is full of natural beauty and so many spectacular places to visit. However, there is nothing more special than the thundering power of a perfect waterfall or the feeling of its accompanying mist all over your face. As sunlight carelessly shifts through the cascade of water, the kind of portraits that it creates is simply breathtaking. Here are 5 of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls to visit:

Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe

The World's Most Beautiful Waterfalls to VisitIt is no surprise that this waterfall is at the top of the worldwide list. Found in the Zambia-Zimbabwe border, Victoria Falls may not be the tallest waterfalls (107 meters) but they are certainly the largest. Known for their impressive sheet of rapidly falling water, the falls are iconic and offer the most magnificent views. The favorable all-year-round weather only adds to the popularity of the waterfalls. For the best views under the clearest skies, visit the Victoria Falls between March and August.

Angel Falls in Venezuela

The World's Most Beautiful Waterfalls to VisitThis is one of the tallest and highest singular waterfalls (979 meters) in the world. As a must-see attraction, Angel Falls was discovered by Sir Walter Raleigh, a famous explorer. Boasting of incomparable beauty and an abundance of history, the waterfalls rewards its visitors with the most incredible views. Due to the fact that the Angel Falls is quite remote, trips to the waterfalls should take place between June and December, when the water levels are high enough to allow for safe passage.

Niagara Falls in New York

The World's Most Beautiful Waterfalls to VisitThe Mighty Niagara Falls are impressively long (99 meters). Straddling on the New York state border, they are an attraction that tourists from all over the world come to see. They offer natural and scenic views that showcase the full waterfall experience. To enjoy the blue skies and high waterfalls rainbow, it is best to visit Niagara Falls between May and September.

Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil

The World's Most Beautiful Waterfalls to VisitLocated on the border of Argentina and Brazil, Igauzu Falls are considered the largest waterfall system in the entire world. Despite the fact that the waterfalls are only 82 meters tall, their curtain of water covers an area of 1,600 meters. Although the falls are scenic all year round, the months of December to February will guarantee you the best views. The water is at its strongest during this period.

Gullfoss Falls in Iceland

The World's Most Beautiful Waterfalls to VisitThe Gullfoss Falls rushes along the Olfusa River in Iceland. Today, these falls are known as a true indication of ice-toned beauty. Offering a dramatic sight, it is often as if the water rushing off the cliff is vanishing into thin air. Only at 32 meters, the falls were once a source of power generation. To witness the falls in all their splendor, visits should be made in the warmer months of summer.

Creeping with awe, these five waterfalls are the best that you will find in the entire world. They offer nothing less than spectacular sightings and the kind of adventure that anyone will enjoy. Their beauty is simply unimaginable. These global classics are certainly worth the journey!

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