Stylish And Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

Stylish And Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

We all love a good ‘two for the price of one’ bargain. Imagine then, that have a simple way to improve ventilation without increasing your energy costs – and increasing your home’s appeal, all in one go.

Benefits of a ceiling fan

Stylish And Energy Efficient Ceiling FansReduction in monthly energy bills – A ceiling fan consumes far less energy than an air conditioning unit. In climates where high temperatures are somewhat uncommon, a ceiling fan is all that is necessary to maintain a comfortable climate in summer months.

Saving space – Unlike ugly window-unit air conditioners, or box fans, a ceiling fan occupies only the unused space above everyone’s head. Most ceiling fans are equipped with light bulb sockets as well, so unless structural reinforcement is required, any overhead light can be replaced with a ceiling fan.

Practical and attractive – Usefulness aside, ceiling fans can add aesthetic appeal to any room. There are enough designs to fit any taste or decor theme. Maintaining a comfortable climate and room decor is a simple matter of finding one that fits your room decor. There are many more benefits of installing a ceiling fan and when it comes to choosing the best ceiling fan for your home you will need to be aware of all the different types of ceiling fans available, ranging from outdoor to ceiling fans with lights and many more in between.

Placing a fan on your ceiling is a more sensible decision compared to having a standalone fan or one that’s attached to the wall, particularly because a ceiling fan might be more convenient and could be employed during both the summer and winter period.

Stylish And Energy Efficient Ceiling FansIf you assume that fans are just meant to cool avenue, then you better think again: in the winter months, a ceiling fan remains advantageous because it helps spread warm air. This is because warm air has a propensity to increase, and given that a ceiling fan is found, well, on the ceiling, it’s already at the most appropriate position to access the warm air and distribute it. Making use of ceiling fans to disperse warm air in winter will also assist to decrease your energy bills since heating facilities won’t have to operate so hard to warm cold rooms.

Having a ceiling fan during the warm months can also help you save on energy. If you employ an air conditioning unit during hot summer months, a ceiling fan provides an effective way of circulating the cold air which is produced, keeping ac units from operating two times as hard. However, using the fan alone is an even better alternative mainly because it helps you to enjoy the fresh summer air as well as enjoy the scents and sounds of the warmer periods. Utilizing a ceiling fan also lets you open the windows, allowing warm air to flee your dwelling giving way to cooler air from the outside.

Ceiling fans are a greater alternative to standalone and wall-mounted fans generally because they don’t use up precious space on the floor. Taking out even just one obstructive fan from your room could make it appear surprisingly roomy, and if space looks larger, it’s somehow more invigorating than one that seems crowded. On top of creating more space, a ceiling fan can even be ornamental. These fans are usually made with lavish designs; you can even obtain fan blades with colours or wood finishes that suit your personal preference. Contrast that with standalone or wall-mounted fans that emanate a commercial feel.

Last but not least, ceiling fans can also be less hazardous as compared to regular fans, primarily if you have small kids in the home. These fans, being located overhead, are inaccessible to tiny fascinated hands that could easily pry into regular fans. And since the huge blades are not enclosed, all that you need to accomplish is dust or clean all of them with a wet cloth, making fan clean up a piece of cake.

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