Activities to Save Water

Activities to Save Water

Clean drinking water is scarce in many parts of the world. In fact, some analysts predict that conflicts over water sources could escalate in future. Taking care of the available resources today would avert such crises. For example, bathrooms account for 75% of the water consumption in a typical household according to a study by Earth Easy. That means reducing the unnecessary use of water in this part of the house would lead to a significant drop in water consumption. In most cases, the measures to reduce this wastage would come at little or no cost to the members of the household. In fact, they lead to a lot of saving. However, conserving the environment should be the primary reason for reducing the wastage of water in your home. Follow these tips on stopping the excess use of water in your home.

Fixing the Leaks in Your Plumbing System

Activities to Save WaterDid you know that a faucet, which leaks one drop of water a second, wastes 2,700 gallons of water in a year? Now imagine that your toilet tank is also dripping water along with some other pipes in your home. What volume of water would you waste in a year if that were the case? Fix these leaks as soon as you spot them. Unfortunately, noticing that they are there is a bit difficult. Remember, some drips happen in hidden areas of your home. Fortunately, checking for movement in your water meter after closing your taps would let you know if there is a leak somewhere. More specifically, a sustained increase in your meter reading after doing that is an indication of a drip in your piping system. Call a qualified plumber to identify the leaking pipe and then fix it if that is the case.

Using Your Water Wisely

Activities to Save WaterSometimes, your piping system can be in tip-top shape, but your water consumption is still high. In this case, rethinking your water habits is an excellent idea. For example, you can consider shorter showers instead of long ones. Turning off the water as you brush your teeth or wash the dishes is another wise move. In other words, water should not be running from your tap continuously as you do these activities. Turn the tap on when it is necessary to do so. Moreover, you can run your dishwasher when you have a full load. The same principle should apply to your washing machine as well.

Installing New Fixtures and Fittings

Activities to Save WaterPreventing wastage is just as good as dealing with it. You can start by installing fixtures in your home that lead to a low flow of water. Flow restrictors on all your faucets are a brilliant idea as well. Another way to prevent wastage is to install a tank-less water heater. This heater produces hot water on demand. That means keeping the shower running so that the water gets warm is unnecessary. A drip system for your garden is also an excellent way of conserving water because it waters plants individually and judiciously. Finally, drought-resistant plants are ideal for your garden because they do not require enormous volumes of water to survive.

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