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7 Best 2018 Music Festivals In The World

Music festivals host millions of people around the world. People come from every part of the world to see their favorite artist performing and enjoy the live music. Every year, hundreds of music festivals are organized where big names perform.

Music Festivals In The World

1. Tomorrowland

Best 2018 Music Festivals In The WorldTomorrowland is probably the most popular music carnival around the world. It has garnered worldwide appreciation over the last decade and grown immensely popular. Music DJs set the stage on fire with electronic dance music every year. They bring big names every year and artists like David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Tiesto have performed at Tomorrowland.

2. Fuji Rock

Best 2018 Music Festivals In The WorldFuji Rock is Asia’s most popular and largest music festival. The festival began in the year of 1997 at Mount Fuji’s base. Naeba Ski Resort has been hosting the event since 1999. Fuji Rock hosts electronic and rock music. Artists like James Blake, Wilco, Red Hot Chilli Peppers perform there.


Best 2018 Music Festivals In The WorldKAABOO is located at the Del Mar racetrack and breaks free from the traditional festival scene. It ensures that there is no crowded chaos like most music festivals. It prioritizes comfort of the visitors and sound voyage. The 3-day festival on a beautiful coast in California with ample seating and nice weather can give music lovers a great time.

4. Austin City Limits

Best 2018 Music Festivals In The WorldAustin City Limits is located in Zilker Park. It offers you plenty of things to do between the biggest names in the music industry. The festival also has an art market, large art installations, and a silent disco. The ACL food court satiates your taste buds and fills your belly while you enjoy the performance of top artists.

5. SnowGlobe

Best 2018 Music Festivals In The WorldLake Tahoe’s Snowglobe music festival kicks off the winter season every year in December. At this annual festival, music truly meets the mountains. A music festival in a ski town that remains sleepy most of the year and you get ready to dance, scream and go crazy with the beats.

6. Rock In Rio

Best 2018 Music Festivals In The WorldIn 1985, Rock In Rio music festival began at the Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. The festival was held in Rio De Janeiro again in 1991, 2001, 2011, 2013 and 2015. In 2014, there were six Rocks in Lisbon, Portugal and three Rocks in Madrid in 2012.

In 2015, ‘Rock In Rio‘ was held in Las Vegas where Metallica, Linkin Park, Taylor Swift, John Legend, Ed Sheeran, Empire of the Sun, Big Sean, No Doubt and many other artists performed. Don’t miss your chance to go to Rock In Rio this year.

7. Exit

Best 2018 Music Festivals In The WorldThe ‘Exit’ is another hugely popular music event in the world. You can enjoy metal, rock, electronic, reggae, punk, hip-hop, rap music at the festival. Since 2000, Exit is organized every year at Petrovaradin Fortress. Artists like David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Bastille, Ellie Golding, Wiz Khalifa and many more have performed at the festival.

Final Words

Pack your bags, book your tickets and fly to any of the above music festivals to feel the music in and out. At these festivals, music does not just please your ears but flows through your veins. Get ready to see your favorite artist performing live in front of you and go crazy.

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The Status Quo Band

Status Quo is a Britain’s English rock band that was formed in 1967 in London. The group originated from Spectres in 1962, and later underwent a number of line changes to become the now renowned rock band Status Quo.

An Excerpt of Status Quo Band’s History

The Status Quo BandThe history of the Status Quo can be traced back to 1962 when the group was formed at Sedgehill Comprehensive-School, Catfordin London by Francis Rossi (guitar & vocals) and Alan Lancaster (guitar, bass as well as vocals) in company with their classmates, Alan Key (drums), Jess Jaworski (keyboards). They named the band “The Scorpions”. The Scorpions featured their first live musical performance at the Samuel Jones Sports-Club based in Dulwich – London.

In 1963, Alan Key was replaced by John Coghlan and the group was rebranded “TheSpectres”. For five years, The Spectres was known for performing in club dates and backing visiting American singers. Jaworski was later replaced by Roy Lynes. The group hung long enough onto this line-up until they get signed for a five-year deal with Pye Records’ Piccadilly in 1966. By the introduction of Rick Parfitt into the group in 1967, the band became The Status Quo. Throughout the ’70s, each Status-Quo album hit the Top Five and consistently hitting the Top Ten frequently accompanied with gold.

Since they were experiencing consistent success, they stuck to the heavy boogie sound. Despite the hurdles and misunderstandings among the members, Status Quo band maintained their aura till 2007 and returned with an album named Quid Pro-Quo. The album featured 14 newly written songs and hit number 10 on the U.K. album chart. Despite the death of some of the members of the Status Quo band, the group stood against the test of time and released an album, The Last-Night of the Electrics, in 2017.

Line-ups Summary

1962–1963 (The Scorpions)
• Francis Rossi – the lead vocalist and guitarist.
• Alan Lancaster – vocalist, bass
• Jess Jaworski – keyboards
• Alan Key –percussion, drums
1963–1965(The Spectres)
• Francis Rossi – vocals, lead guitarist
• Alan Lancaster –vocals, bass
• Jess Jaworski – keyboards
• John Coghlan –percussion, drums

• Francis Rossi –vocalist, lead guitarist
• Alan Lancaster –vocalist, bass
• Roy Lynes –vocalist, keyboards
• John Coghlan – percussion, drums
1967–1970(Status Quo)
• Francis Rossi –vocalist, lead guitarist
• Rick Parfitt – vocalist, rhythm guitarist
• Alan Lancaster – vocalist, bass
• Roy Lynes –vocalist, keyboards,
• John Coghlan –percussion, drums

• Francis Rossi –vocalist, lead guitarist
• Rick Parfitt – vocalist, rhythm guitarist
• Alan Lancaster –vocalist, bass
• John Coghlan – percussion, drums

• Francis Rossi – vocalist, lead guitarist
• Rick Parfitt – vocalist, rhythm guitarist
• Alan Lancaster – vocalist, bass
• Andy Bown – vocalist, rhythm guitarist, keyboards, harmonica
• Pete Kircher – percussion, drums

1985 – 2000
• Francis Rossi –vocalist, lead guitarist
• Rick Parfitt – vocalist, rhythm guitarist
• John “Rhino” Edwards – vocalist, bass
• Andy Bown – vocalist, keyboards, harmonica, rhythm guitarist, vocalist
• Jeff Rich – percussion, drums

2000 – 2013
• rancis Rossi – vocalist, lead guitarist
• Rick Parfitt – vocalist, rhythm guitarist
• John “Rhino” Edwards – vocalist, bass
• Andy Bown – vocalist, keyboards, harmonica, rhythm guitarist
• Matt Letley –percussion, drums

2013- 2016
• Francis Rossi – vocalist, lead guitarist
• Rick Parfitt – vocalist, rhythm guitarist
• John “Rhino” Edwards – vocalist, bass
• Andy Bown – rhythm guitarist, keyboards, vocalist, harmonica
• Leon Cave –percussion, drums
2016- till date
• Francis Rossi – vocalist, lead guitarist
• ichie Malone – rhythm guitarist
• John “Rhino” Edwards – vocalist, bass,
• Andy Bown – harmonica, keyboards, vocalist, rhythm guitarist
• Leon Cave –percussion, drums,

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John Coghlan Facts – English Musician

John Coghlan is a revered English musician who is best remembered as one of the original members of the rock band Status Quo. He was the drummer in a group formed by schoolboys in the early 60s, that grew to earn critical acclaim in the world of rock music. While a lot is remembered about him, lets us look at some facts about John Coghlan you may not have known.

Early Life

John Coghlan FactsHis official name is John Robert Coghlan and he was born on a Thursday, 19th September 1964 in Dulwich, London, England. He went to school at the Kingsdale Comprehensive School but later on left at the tender age of 15 to pursue an apprenticeship as a mechanic. He was mentored as a drummer by Lloyd Ryan, which set him up for his illustrious career as a rock band drummer. John also has a nickname “spud” and his zodiac sign is Virgo.


His career began in 1962 when he joined bassist Alan Lancaster and guitarist Francis Rossi to form a band. Their famous union went through a metamorphosis of names including, The Scorpions, The Spectres, and Traffic Jam before finally settling for Status Quo. They released a string of hit records and albums while successfully touring around the world. John played for the band in their first fourteen albums before quitting the group. This was almost 20 years after he had joined them. The reason behind his decision to leave is not clear though it was made on an impulse.

John Coghlan FactsJohn Coghlan went on to continue playing in his own solo band called the John Coghlan’s Quo and working in musical projects with many noted musicians and bands such as Roy Wood, Chas Hodges, Partners in Crime, Rockers featuring Phil Lynott. In 2013 and 2014, John reunited with Alan Lancaster, Rick Parfitt, and Francis Rossi to perform on two sell-out tours in the UK and Europe.

He is remembered for various music styles including Hard rock, Boogie rock, Blues-rock and Rock n Roll. Throughout this time, he used equipment like the Premier drums, Yamaha drums, Avedis Zildjian, Vater Session and Vic Firth drumsticks. His favorite genres of music include jazz, traditional jazz, and rock while the groups he revered the most include the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, the Kinks, the Shadows, the Pretty Things and Led Zeppelin.

Current Life

Nowadays, John Coghlan lives in Shilton, Oxfordshire with his second wife of almost 30 years. He has one daughter, Charlotte, from a past relationship when he married his first wife Carol. John and Carol have once been in an episode of the TV series Cash in the Attic. He possesses a love for military vehicles and vintage four-wheel drives. He once took part in an off-roading video with members of his band. He is a patron of the Westie ReHoming” charitable organization.

John Robert Coghlan had a successful career in the Rock n Roll industry making a name for himself as a trailblazer and an idol to the later generations. The above are just some facts about his life you may want to know about.

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The World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls to Visit

The world is full of natural beauty and so many spectacular places to visit. However, there is nothing more special than the thundering power of a perfect waterfall or the feeling of its accompanying mist all over your face. As sunlight carelessly shifts through the cascade of water, the kind of portraits that it creates is simply breathtaking. Here are 5 of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls to visit:

Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe

The World's Most Beautiful Waterfalls to VisitIt is no surprise that this waterfall is at the top of the worldwide list. Found in the Zambia-Zimbabwe border, Victoria Falls may not be the tallest waterfalls (107 meters) but they are certainly the largest. Known for their impressive sheet of rapidly falling water, the falls are iconic and offer the most magnificent views. The favorable all-year-round weather only adds to the popularity of the waterfalls. For the best views under the clearest skies, visit the Victoria Falls between March and August.

Angel Falls in Venezuela

The World's Most Beautiful Waterfalls to VisitThis is one of the tallest and highest singular waterfalls (979 meters) in the world. As a must-see attraction, Angel Falls was discovered by Sir Walter Raleigh, a famous explorer. Boasting of incomparable beauty and an abundance of history, the waterfalls rewards its visitors with the most incredible views. Due to the fact that the Angel Falls is quite remote, trips to the waterfalls should take place between June and December, when the water levels are high enough to allow for safe passage.

Niagara Falls in New York

The World's Most Beautiful Waterfalls to VisitThe Mighty Niagara Falls are impressively long (99 meters). Straddling on the New York state border, they are an attraction that tourists from all over the world come to see. They offer natural and scenic views that showcase the full waterfall experience. To enjoy the blue skies and high waterfalls rainbow, it is best to visit Niagara Falls between May and September.

Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil

The World's Most Beautiful Waterfalls to VisitLocated on the border of Argentina and Brazil, Igauzu Falls are considered the largest waterfall system in the entire world. Despite the fact that the waterfalls are only 82 meters tall, their curtain of water covers an area of 1,600 meters. Although the falls are scenic all year round, the months of December to February will guarantee you the best views. The water is at its strongest during this period.

Gullfoss Falls in Iceland

The World's Most Beautiful Waterfalls to VisitThe Gullfoss Falls rushes along the Olfusa River in Iceland. Today, these falls are known as a true indication of ice-toned beauty. Offering a dramatic sight, it is often as if the water rushing off the cliff is vanishing into thin air. Only at 32 meters, the falls were once a source of power generation. To witness the falls in all their splendor, visits should be made in the warmer months of summer.

Creeping with awe, these five waterfalls are the best that you will find in the entire world. They offer nothing less than spectacular sightings and the kind of adventure that anyone will enjoy. Their beauty is simply unimaginable. These global classics are certainly worth the journey!

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Activities to Save Water

Clean drinking water is scarce in many parts of the world. In fact, some analysts predict that conflicts over water sources could escalate in future. Taking care of the available resources today would avert such crises. For example, bathrooms account for 75% of the water consumption in a typical household according to a study by Earth Easy. That means reducing the unnecessary use of water in this part of the house would lead to a significant drop in water consumption. In most cases, the measures to reduce this wastage would come at little or no cost to the members of the household. In fact, they lead to a lot of saving. However, conserving the environment should be the primary reason for reducing the wastage of water in your home. Follow these tips on stopping the excess use of water in your home.

Fixing the Leaks in Your Plumbing System

Activities to Save WaterDid you know that a faucet, which leaks one drop of water a second, wastes 2,700 gallons of water in a year? Now imagine that your toilet tank is also dripping water along with some other pipes in your home. What volume of water would you waste in a year if that were the case? Fix these leaks as soon as you spot them. Unfortunately, noticing that they are there is a bit difficult. Remember, some drips happen in hidden areas of your home. Fortunately, checking for movement in your water meter after closing your taps would let you know if there is a leak somewhere. More specifically, a sustained increase in your meter reading after doing that is an indication of a drip in your piping system. Call a qualified plumber to identify the leaking pipe and then fix it if that is the case.

Using Your Water Wisely

Activities to Save WaterSometimes, your piping system can be in tip-top shape, but your water consumption is still high. In this case, rethinking your water habits is an excellent idea. For example, you can consider shorter showers instead of long ones. Turning off the water as you brush your teeth or wash the dishes is another wise move. In other words, water should not be running from your tap continuously as you do these activities. Turn the tap on when it is necessary to do so. Moreover, you can run your dishwasher when you have a full load. The same principle should apply to your washing machine as well.

Installing New Fixtures and Fittings

Activities to Save WaterPreventing wastage is just as good as dealing with it. You can start by installing fixtures in your home that lead to a low flow of water. Flow restrictors on all your faucets are a brilliant idea as well. Another way to prevent wastage is to install a tank-less water heater. This heater produces hot water on demand. That means keeping the shower running so that the water gets warm is unnecessary. A drip system for your garden is also an excellent way of conserving water because it waters plants individually and judiciously. Finally, drought-resistant plants are ideal for your garden because they do not require enormous volumes of water to survive.

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Understanding the Kitchen Faucet Functions and Features

Having your kitchen area all glam and attractive means that you need to be well conversant with features and functions of the kitchen faucet. Identifying the right kitchen faucets to have in your own kitchen can be overwhelming with the many companies and brands struggling to be at per with trendy items and ideas. Equipping yourself with enough knowledge on kitchen faucets, their functions and features allow you to properly use any product without being embarrassed.

Features and Functions of Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen Faucet Functions and FeaturesThe ability to comprehend all features of faucets makes comparing and distinguishing products a sloppy affair. Here you get to know exactly what you want. Features of a kitchen faucet are precise and a line below, you can make your kitchen shopping experience less exhaustive.

Different levers of faucets

Science comes in here. Each faucet has their own lever numbers. The lever types vary as below:

Single levered faucets

There exists a faucet with one lever, button or handle that when triggered, will allow passage of water into the spout through the plumbing system. Variations in control of water temperatures will determine if it needs a single or double hole. Some faucets have an extra base plate. This plate is for covering the additional holes.

Double levered faucets

Temperatures of these faucets are changed manually. The lever could rest on the deck plate or be integrated with the faucet. The levers are distinguishable-one for hot and the other for cold water. Three holes are needed so as to install such type of faucet.

Color and finish of the faucet

Something exquisite, classy yet stylish is what every kitchen owner would love. Stainless steel, chrome, brushed nickel, oil- rubbed bronze and polished brass are among the colors and finishes in the current market. Each company has their own color and finishing standards. Buying from the same brand is a sign of orderliness in your kitchen.

Know about the sprayer heads

Kitchen Faucet Functions and FeaturesPull-down sprayer

Its head faces downwards and is integrated into the spout. Working with it needs pulling the sprayer down into the sink from the spout. This faucet has a button for pausing or changing the water flow pattern.

Pull-out sprayer

This sprayer has a handle and is always angled to allow easy removal of the head from the spout. The sprayer allows for extension to whatever position on the sink. Some faucets have a pause button to control water patterns during cleaning or flows.

Side sprayer

Side sprayers are on the side and separately on the faucet. The head is movable to any side for convenience. This side sprayer needs its own hole in your sink.

Be aware of spout types

Standard Spout

Best for a compact kitchen. Its height is 3-5 inches above the sink. Cleaning up dishes is easy and less tiring with this spout.

High arch spout

Washing larger pots, flasks and tins can easily fit on the sink and the spout accommodates them well. Faucets with these type of spout are relevant and best in a bigger kitchen. Rising to up to 10 inches and rotating from 90 degrees to 180 degrees, washing becomes a wonderful experience.


Kicking off ignorance, you can now purchase the best kitchen faucets for your home after understanding their features and functions. Cleaning and maintaining them becomes a walk in the park.

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How To Choose The SD Card For Trail Cameras

Choosing the right SD card for your trail camera is very important. This is especially because the modern trail cameras have the ability to record even high definition videos. Consequently, you will need an SD card that is compatible with your camera and which can save the videos and pictures in the right manner. Here are some of the qualities to consider while selecting the right SD card for your trail camera.

The Size

How To Choose The SD Card For Trail Cameras SD cards come in three different sizes which are micro, standard and mini. Your trail camera needs to have a slot in which the SD card of the right size can fit. This means that you need to be sure about the size of the SD card that can fit in your camera before making a decision. You can establish the size of the slot on your trail camera by going through the features of the camera prior to buying an SD card. You can also take your camera with you while you are buying the SD card from a conventional store.

The Class of Speed

The speed of an SD card refers to haw fast images and videos can be saved on the SD card. Speed is usually important when you are recording videos and saving them directly on the SD card and when you are taking pictures in quick succession. The speed of these cards is usually measured in megabytes per seconds. Because of the different speeds the cards are categorized into different classes. A class 4 card will have a minimum sustained transfer rate of 4 megabytes per second. The SD cards available in the market have class ratings of 2, 4, 5 and 10. The class ten cards have the highest speed and class two cards have the lowest speed. Consequently, you need to check the highest class that your trail camera can support and then proceed to purchase the card that has the right speed depending on your preferences.

The Storage Capacity

How To Choose The SD Card For Trail Cameras The storage capacity of an SD card refers to the amount of data that the card can store. Most of the common trail cameras usually support cards with a maximum storage capacity of 2 GB. This means that you have the freedom to choose the card with the storage capacity that you prefer depending on your needs. Any trail camera can support an SD card of any memory capacity provided you make sure that the card you buy is an SD card and not a SDHC or a SDXC card. It is advisable to keep on transferring the videos and pictures you store on your SD card to other devices such as computers. This ensures that you have ample space on the SD card to store the data you want.

The Manufacturer

It is also paramount to check the manufacturer of the SD card prior to buying. This is because there are companies that have a reputation of manufacturing high quality products. There are also trail cameras which are designed in a way that they can only be compatible with SD cards which are designed by certain manufacturers. You can read the specifications of your trail camera so as to establish whether the camera can be compatible with SD cards from all manufacturers. Therefore, by considering the outlined qualities you can be able to efficiently get the suitable SD card for your trail camera.

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Stylish And Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

We all love a good ‘two for the price of one’ bargain. Imagine then, that have a simple way to improve ventilation without increasing your energy costs – and increasing your home’s appeal, all in one go.

Benefits of a ceiling fan

Stylish And Energy Efficient Ceiling FansReduction in monthly energy bills – A ceiling fan consumes far less energy than an air conditioning unit. In climates where high temperatures are somewhat uncommon, a ceiling fan is all that is necessary to maintain a comfortable climate in summer months.

Saving space – Unlike ugly window-unit air conditioners, or box fans, a ceiling fan occupies only the unused space above everyone’s head. Most ceiling fans are equipped with light bulb sockets as well, so unless structural reinforcement is required, any overhead light can be replaced with a ceiling fan.

Practical and attractive – Usefulness aside, ceiling fans can add aesthetic appeal to any room. There are enough designs to fit any taste or decor theme. Maintaining a comfortable climate and room decor is a simple matter of finding one that fits your room decor. There are many more benefits of installing a ceiling fan and when it comes to choosing the best ceiling fan for your home you will need to be aware of all the different types of ceiling fans available, ranging from outdoor to ceiling fans with lights and many more in between.

Placing a fan on your ceiling is a more sensible decision compared to having a standalone fan or one that’s attached to the wall, particularly because a ceiling fan might be more convenient and could be employed during both the summer and winter period.

Stylish And Energy Efficient Ceiling FansIf you assume that fans are just meant to cool avenue, then you better think again: in the winter months, a ceiling fan remains advantageous because it helps spread warm air. This is because warm air has a propensity to increase, and given that a ceiling fan is found, well, on the ceiling, it’s already at the most appropriate position to access the warm air and distribute it. Making use of ceiling fans to disperse warm air in winter will also assist to decrease your energy bills since heating facilities won’t have to operate so hard to warm cold rooms.

Having a ceiling fan during the warm months can also help you save on energy. If you employ an air conditioning unit during hot summer months, a ceiling fan provides an effective way of circulating the cold air which is produced, keeping ac units from operating two times as hard. However, using the fan alone is an even better alternative mainly because it helps you to enjoy the fresh summer air as well as enjoy the scents and sounds of the warmer periods. Utilizing a ceiling fan also lets you open the windows, allowing warm air to flee your dwelling giving way to cooler air from the outside.

Ceiling fans are a greater alternative to standalone and wall-mounted fans generally because they don’t use up precious space on the floor. Taking out even just one obstructive fan from your room could make it appear surprisingly roomy, and if space looks larger, it’s somehow more invigorating than one that seems crowded. On top of creating more space, a ceiling fan can even be ornamental. These fans are usually made with lavish designs; you can even obtain fan blades with colours or wood finishes that suit your personal preference. Contrast that with standalone or wall-mounted fans that emanate a commercial feel.

Last but not least, ceiling fans can also be less hazardous as compared to regular fans, primarily if you have small kids in the home. These fans, being located overhead, are inaccessible to tiny fascinated hands that could easily pry into regular fans. And since the huge blades are not enclosed, all that you need to accomplish is dust or clean all of them with a wet cloth, making fan clean up a piece of cake.

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5 Best Hot Springs in Iceland

There are many hot springs around the world. Iceland is one of the leading countries that have exceptional hot springs that attract many people from different parts of the world. Locals are also pleased to have these natural hot springs where they enjoy swimming as well as bathing. Blue Lagoon, Myvatn Nature Baths, and Secret Lagoon are some of the most popular hot springs in the country. As a home to many hot springs, Iceland stands out when it comes to hiking and hot water springs. The following is a discussion of the five best hot springs in Iceland.

1. Reykjadalur – Hot Spring River

Best Hot Springs in IcelandThis is one of the most exceptional hot springs in Iceland. The hot spring is located near Reykjavik as it will take you only 30 minutes. You will need other 30m minutes to hike so that you can access the hot springs. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery. The paths are clear, and there are no chances of getting lost while enjoying the hike. There are no changing rooms, you need to take off your clothes and enjoy the warm bath, and the experience is awesome.

2. Seljavallalaug – Hot Mountainside Pool

Best Hot Springs in IcelandSeljavallalaug is a human-made swimming pool, and it is the oldest in Iceland. The best thing about this hot springs is that it is not close to the main road. This means you will have to enjoy hiking before you reach the excellent swimming pool. The pool is located in a beautiful scenery where you will be able to see beautiful nature. The most amazing about Seljavallalaug is that it has a changing room where you can keep your clothes as you take a bath in the pool. The pool is 2 hours’ drive from Reykjavik.

3. Landmannalaugar – Highland Oasis

Best Hot Springs in IcelandIf you love enjoying the beautiful landscape, this is the best place for you. Landmannalaugar is located in a colorful landscape which you will love. When you look around you will enjoy seeing sandy mountains in different colors such as red, yellow, green, blue and even black. On top of that the place is one of the best when it comes to hiking. The hot spring is only accessible in summer, and you need to have a 4WD vehicle or a highland bus to access the place.

4. VitiinAska – Volcanic Crater Hot Spring

Best Hot Springs in IcelandAlthough the hot spring is located far from Reykjavik, it is one of the best in the world. The hot spring has water with temperature ranging from 20 – 60 degrees centigrade. Viti in Aska has become the most awesome place in Iceland, and you enjoy one of a kind experience when you stand on the edge of the crater.

5. Grjotagja – Hot Spring Cave

Best Hot Springs in IcelandThis hot spring is not close to Reykjavik but is located in a beautiful place. The rocks affect the flow of water, and the water comes with tempting temperatures. You will enjoy seeing hot water flow in the beautiful place. You can take all the photos you want. If you want to take a bath, you can walk to Myvatn Nature Baths and enjoy to the fullest.


As home to many hot springs in the world, Iceland remains one of the best countries where people visit. On top of that, the locals are also happy to enjoy the natural hot springs in their country. The above are some of the popular hot springs in the country, but there are many others. The hot springs are accessible, and you will enjoy the hot waters.

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